Asha's  Holistic  Massage  Therapy

It is my intention to provide my clients with a professional and therapeutic massage.  The following policies and procedures serve as a guide for first-time and regular massage clients of Asha's Holistic Massage Therapy.  I understand that unanticipated events occur in everyone's life.  Unforeseen events such as last-minute changes in work schedules, traffic delays, and family emergencies are just a few reasons why one might consider canceling a massage therapy appointment.  In my commitment to provide a unique and outstanding therapeutic experience to all of my clients and out of consideration for my time, I've adopted the following policies.

Dos and Dont's 

Before your massage.

Getting the most out of your experience.

I've been a licensed clinical massage therapist for 20 years.  Because I have over 20,000 hours of hands-on practice, I've heard it all when it comes to client beliefs about massage therapy and what they believe it should be.  If you avoid these misunderstanding you'll have an amazing healing experience.

Don't get a super duper deep tissue massage simply because it's been a long time since your last one.  Super deep tissue treatments are only effective under very specific medical conditions.  For example, I have a client with severe scoliosis. A super deep tissue massage is the only way she gets relief from her discomfort.   More pressure isn't better simply because you haven't had a massage in 2 years.   Just as the stomach can only hold so much food, your body will always and only be able to take a certain amount of pressure.  If you really like super deep tissue massage then that's okay.  I have no judgments regarding your pressure preferences.  But if you can't relax and allow your body to become as limp as cooked spaghetti while receiving this mega pressured massage, then your body is telling you that it's too much pressure.

Do schedule an integrated massage treatment because it includes a wide variety of techniques to stretch tendons, soften connective tissue and smooth those knotty muscles.

Don't book a short session for a full-body, therapeutic treatment. If you are suffering from chronic tension and have specific areas that require lots of attention in order to achieve maximum results, please schedule a longer massage instead of attempting to get every ache, pain or injury addressed within a short treatment  The benefits of a properly lengthened session will be relief that lasts days, weeks or sometimes months longer and will save you money in the long run.

Do book a 90 to 120-minute massage when you've had long-time chronic muscle tension.  Scheduling the correct length of time for chronic conditions determines whether or not you get temporary or long-term relief.  I'm happy to work with you either way.  A 60-minute full body massage is only effective for those who don't have multiple physical ailments to address.  Just remember, a therapeutic, clinical or medical massage is meant to greatly improve the condition of the problem area.  This takes time.

Don't come to your treatment with a full stomach.  Laying down before your food has had a chance to digest can create discomfort. Additionally, if you suffer from GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) this can be easily triggered.

Do make sure you've eaten enough to not let hunger pains distract you from your massage experience and make sure you're hydrated.

Rewards and Discounts Forever  please read carefully!

Clients always receive my undivided attention during their massage session.  Unfortunately, that means anyone else trying to schedule their appointment via phone or email may have to wait a few hours before I can respond.  No worries. You can easily and conveniently book your appointments online and also video chat with me prior to your treatment.  To book your appointment online:

New Clients

  • Create your profile with my online scheduler at the MassageBook site.  Click here: 
  • At the MassageBook site click on the link "create profile" at the top right of the screen.
  • After you've created your profile, sign in.  From there you can search for Asha Brewer by clicking on the "provider" tab.
  • New clients can not book their first appointment online.  Instead, click "contact me/us" and leave me your name and number.  I'll call you and we'll discuss your treatment options and I'll book your first appointment.  You'll receive an email confirmation and request to complete your Intake Form.
  • That's it!  You'll only have to complete the paperwork and online profile one time.  New clients must prepay for their first appointment.

Existing Client

  • Existing clients can book from this site or the MassageBook site.  To book your appointment from this site:
  • Go to the "services" page by clicking on the "services" link at the top of this screen.
  • Scroll down a little bit and click "book now" and you'll be asked to sign in.
  • Choose your service and book your appointment.

All Clients

  • Early Arrival:  Arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time for your brief follow-up interview so that none of your massage time is used during this time.
  • Scheduling:  Appointments are booked at least 48 hours in advance.  No walk-ins.  No same day appointments.  However, always call me to see if I have any open spots available.
  • Cancellations/No Shows: Client's must provide at least  24 hours notice if you need to reschedule, cancel, or modify your appointment in any way and this includes weekends. If you fail to cancel prior to 24 hours before your appointment slot you will be charged 50% of the regular full price.  If you do not show up for your appointment, you will be charged full price.  All services require a credit card or gift certificate to guarantee a reservation so please have your credit card and/or gift certificate ready when booking.  You will not be billed unless there is a cancellation or no show.  Upon checkout, clients may choose their method of payment and are not obligated to use their credit card for payment.
  • Late Arrival:  All treatment sessions have a specific time schedule, therefore, I regret that late arrivals may not receive an extension of scheduled appointments.  In special cases, and when my schedule will allow, I may be able to extend the time, but this will be at my discretion.  Your therapy times are reserved exclusively for you.  I value your business and ask that you respect Asha's Holistic Massage Therapy's scheduling policies.
  • Gratuities: I do not accept gratuities for therapy sessions at Asha's studio.  However, I do accept gratuities for house-calls.
  • House Calls:  Are only for existing clients who own a personal massage table.  A travel expense fee of $30 is added.
  • Discounts:  All services are discounted in one way or another whether it is the free parking and free upgrades or specials like the birthday discounts.  Therefore, special discount offers can not be combined with other discount offers.  For example, If you've purchased the Annual Summer Sale Series, you can not combine it with the half-off birthday month sale.

  • Draping:  You will always be draped with a sheet and light blanket during your massage session.  The only areas of the body that are uncovered are the areas being worked on to ensure that your modesty is respected at all times. Private areas are never exposed or massaged.
  • Oils:  For most techniques, I typically use Biotone's advanced hypo-allergenic massage gel.  Occasionally, I use the mentholated cream called Sombre for specifically hyper-toned tissues, but never on pregnant or nursing mothers. Coming soon, I will be incorporating the popular new pure form CBD oil to the massage session.  Click here to learn more about CBD oil by checking out this 27-page report by the World Health Organization.
  • Silence Is Golden:  While many therapists believe it is polite to allow the client to talk during their massage or for the therapist and client to socialize during your session, I do not.  I am a holistic practitioner and meditation teacher.  I understand both personally and professionally the negative effects on the body when the mind is only at rest during sleep.  There is a level of rest that the mind can experience in our waking state.  During a massage, the potential to go into a deep meditative state is increased.  People who do not meditate are typically unaware of this level of relaxation.  It is powerful, and profoundly healing on all levels of mind, body, and spirit.
  • Speak Up:  The body can go through lots of emotional and physical changes during a massage due to the release of tension and stress held in the tissues.  Since the body is approximately 50% to 73% fluid depending on the age, gender, weight, and health of the person, kneading the tissues can also trigger an urge to urinate, can clog or drain the sinuses and bring up emotional trauma stored in the body's memory system.  If you need to stop the massage to use the restroom, blow your nose or even cry, speak up.  If you need the pressure adjusted, speak up.  If you are too cold, speak up.  While it is counterproductive to keep your mind in a chatty state during a massage, it is equally counterproductive to lay there in discomfort and suffer in silence.
  • Inappropriate Behavior: Sexual interaction or discussion of any kind is NEVER appropriate.
  • Confidentiality: The discussion between therapist and client is strictly confidential and all documents are kept secure.

During your massage.

11 am - 9 pm Tuesday - Friday    +1.312.239.0913

I believe that doing the right thing and making healthy choices shouldn't be difficult or complicated.  Therefore I've set up my services to include rewards for being dedicated to your well being. Book and keep SIX (6) massage services in a row and receive $25 off any Integrated Clinical Massage Therapy services only.  The Integrated Clinical Massage Therapy service is a combination of medical and relaxation techniques which address chronic physical, emotional and mental stress within a full-body treatment.  This differs from the Therapeutic/Medical massage therapy session which is NOT a full-body massage and focuses specifically on a primary issue.

Requirements to receive this discount: 

  • Book and keep SiX (6) appointments in a row.  Must be a minimum of ONE (1) per month.  OR
  • Purchase the Luxury Series which gives you your reward up front.
  • Late cancellations are charged at 50% and no-shows are charged at 100%, therefore, any missed treatments in your massage series will be forfeited completely and not rescheduled.  Loyal clients who have scheduled with me consistently for one year will have their late cancellation and no show fee waived ONE-TIME ONLY.  ONCE PER EVERY 12 MONTH CYCLE.
  • If you miss ONE MONTH of massage services, your service fee reverts back to the full price and you must start over or purchase the Integrated Clinical Massage Therapy Luxury series.  No exceptions.
  • All appointments are paid for at the time of service except first-time appointments or when a series is purchased. Multiple rescheduling will require you to prepay for your next appointment.  No exceptions.

Asha's Holistic Massage Therapy offers:

  • tax-free services
  • is gratuity free
  • no hidden credit card processing fees
  • no charges for most add-ons like hot towels, aromatherapy, heated neck wrap or hot stones
  • free Reiki with the massage.
  • discounted massage packages and series.
  • high quality, experienced and skilled treatments in a safe and nurturing environment.

To make it even easier to take care of yourself, during the month of your birthday you get 50% off any 2-hour massage.  That's right! Get as many massages during the month of your birthday as you can fit into your life! Sorry, this offer can not be combined with other offers.  For in-house services only.  Not for house calls. 

After your massage, take a minute to take some deep breaths and then get up from the table slowly and get dressed.  You will be served water, but drink plenty of water for the rest of the day.  Some people may be a little sore after their massage specifically when it's deep tissue massage.  The soreness will usually subside in a day.  If possible avoid strenuous physical activity afterward.


After your massage.