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I have had the great fortune to have worked in some of the most technically advanced hospitals and high-end spas in Chicago for the past 20 years.  As a result, my bodywork treatments combine the best of both therapeutic and relaxation techniques to create a holistic experience.   You'll leave feeling less physical pain and have a more peaceful mind as a result.

Trained in a wide range of advanced healing modalities, such as meditation, Reiki and clinical massage, you can be confident that ALL of my 20+ bodywork certifications were supervised and taught by a skilled, licensed and experienced instructor in a live classroom environment and NOT an online course.  I am honored that you put your well being into my hands and I take this very seriously.  I take no shortcuts when it comes to taking care of my clients and whether it's the products I use on your skin, the detergent I use for my sheets or where I study my craft, I provide a high-quality, professional service in a safe and nurturing healing space.

Recently, I became certified in Contemporary Cupping Therapy.  I had been reading about it for years and using cupping in my weekly self-care routine.  But it wasn't until I took an intense 3-day course with an advanced teacher of the art, that I fell in love with it.  This is now all I want to do.  It's fast, highly effective at releasing tight muscles and toxins and I can now offer treatments at nearly HALF the cost of a massage session to my clients.  You just can't beat that!

If you're suffering from chronic muscle tension, you've got to try them out!  Contemporary Cupping Therapy isn't for everyone.   For example, people who are on blood thinners due to blood clotting is a contraindicator. However, CCT didn't just appear on the scene because of its use by professional athletes.  It's one of the oldest healing modalities known to man.  Combine a great therapy with an experienced, highly-trained therapist like me and you know you're going to feel so much better!

Asha received consistently high marks and very positive feedback for her hands-on skills.  She is a passionate advocate for the natural healing arts.

Robert K. King, Founder & President of

The Chicago School of Massage Therapy   (now Cortiva)

A deep tissue massage from Asha is a truly therapeutic experience.  I left the table feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  I have worked with many massage therapists over the years, and never have I had more of my patients tell me "that was amazing" after one of her massages.  I highly recommend her!

Dr. Mike Kochanski

Celar Chiropractic in Hillside, IL

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Asha's Holistic Massage Therapy